It’s our goal at Advantage Video Systems to bring you the most current products and information. We founded AVS on our commitment to the community we live in, and continue to offer friendly service to keep our clients happy. We are far from your typical integration company. AVS leads by example, and continuously finds better ways for your to achieve your competitive and creative goals. At the end of it all, we’re here to truly make your entire day, perfect.

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Our Services


From board meetings and executive communications to sales and digital signage, AVS has the technology you need to take your company to the next level.


Advantage Video Systems specializes in film, digital cinema, broadcast, HD and 3D camera systems.


Advantage Video Systems offers Production and Post Production equipment rental. To get more information, ask how AVS can connect you with one of our partners.


We have worked with clients of all sizes, providing camera systems, radio, streaming and audio equipment that brings your vision to the world.

Clients Testimonials

Advantage Video Systems is one of the leading system integrators for the media & entertainment industry building numerous production, post facilities, VFX houses, completing over 250 Television Stations nationwide. Our clients include Disney, NBC, Universal, FOX, NFL, AT&T, American Film Institute, Company 3, RedFoo, Macy Gray, U2, Crystal Cathedral Church, TV Guide, the Dalia Lama and more.


We specialize in corporate office communications, post production facilities for major television networks and studios, installing security systems for property owners and much more.

When you purchase our systems, Advantage Video Systems will take you from the design and engineering phase all the way to procurement and installation. We even provide maintenance support and system training!

  • Broadcast Equipment and Systems
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Post Production
  • Direct Attached Storage
  • Finishing – Motion Graphics – DI
  • Master Control
  • Security Systems
  • Office Systems
  • Pro Audio Systems


Advantage Video Systems is not your typical Digital Asset Management integration firm. We offer a unique approach to our business, and can integrate your Digital Asset Management System with your editing bay, while making it compatible with your SAN, NAS and back up solution. We provide a 360° solution for production, post production and enterprise related areas of your business.
Digital Asset Management
Direct Attached Storage
Shared Storage


Our certified technicians tackle unique issues on an as-needed basis and for long-term professional support services. From desktop to datacenter, AVS will provide the effective support and professional services that will help your business thrive in a competitive environment. We offer retainer blocks, “a-la-carte” hourly services, weekly or monthly recurring visits, and on-site support agreements.