I love my system. With the discount I got from my insurance company for workmans comp and theft the system did not cost me anything. We have been able to bring cases against one employee and several shoplifters. Also, I will be putting your system in my house.

Tim Wilson

I am a restaurant owner and I suffered with employees stealing for years. Your company installed a 4-camera system and right off just the presence stopped the thefts. I also have one over my bar register and immediately saw an increase in bar sales. I also want to commend your installer. He was on time, clean, fast, and he knew his stuff.

Chef Dave
Jazz It Up

The inaugural #AIShowBiz Event took place and was a HUGE success to a large extent because of Advantage Video Systems tremendous support! They expertly provided a multi-camera live stream that alternated between the stage and backstage interviews for 13 hours. The footage is phenomenal. I have no words that can fully express my profound gratitude to the entire team at Advantage Video Systems! I highly recommend Advantage Video Systems if you have any live streaming video demands or any other related needs. They are just AMAZING

Molly Lavik
Los Angeles Sustainable Business Council

If you are doing fast-paced, high volume, post-production from SD to HD Jeff is the guy you want backing you up. Jeff embodies the perfect combination of personal care and upper-level managment for each component of the workflow. He has been a great asset to our team over and over again.

Eric Toth
Director of Post Production, Yahoo Music

Here at Cloverland, time is money. That means we need reliable edit systems with reliable ‘no strings’ service. Jeffrey Stansfield and Advantage has made that happen for us. When we purchased, they delivered and their delivery did not stop until we were up and running 100%. When problems arise and deadlines loom, Advantage is the number we call. They have not let us down. We trust them with our business and recommend them absolutely to anyone with computer needs.

John Cork
President, Cloverland

This system saved my property from my tenants. I had difficulties with vandalism in my halls around the pool and breaking into my tenants cars. Since I installed the cameras I found out who was committing the crimes and prosecuted them. We were able to stop a law suit when I showed that the kids were roughhousing by the pool without proper supervision.

Eric Weiss
Primer Properties

Your team was extremely helpful and the support we received after the system was installed proved to us that we made the right choice. I really like the feature that lets me keep an eye on all my stores with out being there. All I do is press one button on my phone and things go wonderful.

Mike Wallace
Owner, The Red Barn

Jeff, before your company installed the system we had several break-ins. Since you installed the cameras we have not had one break-in. Also, the parents of the kids love that they can open up the internet browser and see their children anytime they want. I also wanted to let you know we just got a big break from our insurance company. Thanks.

Valerie Weiss
Pastor, The Revitalization Center